Coming Together

With Your Success In Mind


President & Chief Executive Officer

As President and CEO of the Leadership Growth Training Institute, Otto is responsible for building the foundation of a world-class organization. Having served on the retail side of the auto industry, helping organizations reach their full potential through transformational and process-driven change is a part of Otto’s DNA. Otto is committed to the success of LGTI’s clients.

Otto is a graduate of Lincoln University with a Master’s in Human Services. He has written and conducted countless workshops, ranging from Situational Leadership, Shared Vision, Client Focus First, Holding Gross in a Market Priced Environment, Staying in the Set, Behavorial based Interviewing and the list goes on. With 40 years of experience and exposure to the retail and Corporate side, Otto has served as a Sales Associate, Finance Manager, Finance Director, Sales Manager, Department Head, General Sales Manager, General Manager, Vice president, and on the corporate side for Autonation, a fortune 200 organization, Otto served as Variable Operations Director, overseeing the training and development for 10 states. That experience contributes to a thorough understanding of what it takes to meet with success on a consistent basis.

Otto is a member of the International Honor Society in Social Sciences (Pi Gamma Mu), Society of Sales Executives, Legion of Leaders, Chevy Truck Hall of Fame, to name a few. He has intimate knowledge of the day to day facing the variable operations side of the house. With this perspective on the pressures and cross-functional responsibilities that clients of LGTI are facing, Otto has positioned LGTI to Attract, Develop and Retain the highest quality people for their clients.




Chief Operations Officer

With over 15 years of experience over varied industries within the tech industry, biometrics, finance and government contracting, Drazen brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization not easily found anywhere else. He has been gifted with an inquisitive mind and a nearly limitless curiosity for all things in life. It is through these experiences that Drazen has become well versed in every industry he has worked with thus far.