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With over 40 years of sales, service, managerial and executive-level experience, Otto Gross is truly unmatched when it comes to the sales process and training primarily with the automotive dealership. He focuses on customizing training workshops, seminars and sales presentations. Has won and obtained many awards and wide recognition for his achievents.





With over 15 years of experience over varied industries within the tech industry, biometrics, finance and government contracting, Drazen brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization not easily found anywhere else. He has been gifted with an inquisitive mind and a nearly limitless curiosity for all things in life. It is through these experiences that Drazen has become well versed in every industry he has worked with thus far.

Time Tested Processess

Training the Leaders of Tomorrow

The Leadership Growth Training Institute was established to provide professional training and development for organizations. With over 40 years of sales, service, managerial and executive level experience, the Leadership Growth Training Institute (LGTI) partners primarily with automotive dealerships to customize training workshops, seminars and sales presentations.

Designed to address the demands of a global market and economic depressed economy, participants are taught effective strategies that yield profits.

At the completion of training, participants are equipped with with the essentials to yield results.

LGTI will teach participants:

  • The posture and components of a dealership

  • Enhance market share

  • Improve the Customer Service Index

  • Develope a “STRONG” team

  • And so much more….

Training Solutions

  • Personal Mastery

  • Shared Vision

  • Sales Process

  • Negotiation

  • Sales Management

  • Team Work and Team Building

  • and more…….


  • Customized training to fit your Organization

  • Performance based processes and training

  • Facilitators and Trainers with over 30 years of experience

  • Commitment to our clients

  • Onsite and Offsite Training Programs

  • Everything we do will be of the highest quality and professionalism and we seek improvement daily

  • We give our Customers outstanding service and build extraordinary relationships with them

LGTI, a company for now and the future
“Trust The Process”